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Originally Posted by lynnef View Post
Bob, it is difficult to tell where you are coming from.

The O page isn't loading, but I feel compelled to point out that the crossing will be synchronized with the existing traffic lights. In addition, the at-grade crossing will require the LEAST modification of the existing roadway. As in, add crossing.

Compliance with using the Greenway intersection to cross is very low, and, even with the signals and marked crosswalk, is still a dangerous crossing.

Don't forget that those in wheelchairs also want this crossing. Not just cyclists.

"Bob, it is difficult to tell where you are coming from. ..." lynnef

Lat at night, I wore out before finishing a thorough explanation of my thoughts on this most recent development in the handling of a safer crossing. Also, I've touched on some of them in in earlier posts. Issues surrounding the park, what it is, what it should be recognized as being, and how it might best be developed accordingly seem to me to be very important issues, more important than people generally may be taking them.

I certainly do favor the mid-block yellow-with red light signal that's being planned, over no official improved safety crossing at this point that would leave visitors to the park to walk up to Greenway or risk a major collision crossing mid-block without a signal.

Though the signal would be an improvement over the existing situation, it's barely sufficient to allow the park to fulfill its role to the community. The high price tag for either bridge or tunnel option, shouldn't be keeping people from seeing the importance of being able to travel through the park without crossing the road.

The wood bridge crossing doesn't sound sufficient. Raising the road and creating a tunnel would be the option most consistent with the concept and aesthetics of the park. It's a lot of money...sure. Look at this way...if instead of the park, it was the road to which many millions of dollars needed to be spent to support the passage of an increased number of cars, officials would most likely be putting all their effort into that challenge...just as they do when it comes to moving rural reserve lands into urban reserve lands...or seeking to build a new bridge over the Columbia River.
(p.s. on the link for O story again...I tried it this morning and it loaded up.)

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