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Brookwood has two separate issues. The "old" brookwood is between Cornell and Evergreen. This is long established with hard curbs and for what seemed at the time ot be "innovative" is the sidewalk and MUP. It is the, and was the status quo for that era.

The second is Evergreen north to hwy 26. This is 2 lanes and very fast traffic with ever increasing big rigs. Nothing on the southbound side from the hwy to Genentech and only a narrow sidewalk about 1/2 way northbound.

I ride the sidewalk nearly every day. The only way around is a 3 mile detour. At least planners are thinking about it. Something will be done in conjunction with the Brookwood/hwy26 overpass upgrade. Exactly what that will be is not know by me. I still suspect this survey has a hidden agenda in it that will address this very question.

And if you haven't been on Evergreen recently from Brookwood west, avoid it. There is a 6 month improvement project going on. Its not "comfortable" at the moment up to about the airport.
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