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Originally Posted by Simple Nature View Post
...The county only has so much right-of-way available for what use to be rural sections of roadway. ...
Right-of-way's can be identified, negotiated and secured. Difficult...probably. Expensive...probably. Justifiable for solutions to critical travel problems? If it's for the development of walking and biking infrastructure...Yes. (rather than more main lanes on the highway provided primarily for increases in numbers of motor vehicles used.).

Unfortunately, local leaders and planners...and regular citizens...don't seem to be taking the initiative to push forward with this type of infrastructure, the type that seeks to support and increase travel by foot and bike, while not accompanying it with an exponentially greater increase in roadway capacity primarily intended for motor vehicle travel. As roads get bigger, great increases in numbers of motor vehicles come to travel on them, while bike lanes and MUP's provided tend to be barely hospitable, consequently tending to attract only modest increases in people walking and biking.

County residents are unwittingly allowing their area's ease of travel and extraordinary level of livability to be strangled by development of roadways supporting an excessive use of motor vehicles for travel.

Originally Posted by Simple Nature View Post
...We have a huge cycling community, yet no organized or unified voice into the county, or the cities for that matter. ...
I think that's probably right. Maybe a better, stronger effort of co-ordinated advocacy could be managed. I remember reading about a bike club in Hillsboro, but not much about what it does or doesn't do in terms of weighing in planning or policy for walking and biking. Bike clubs in cities such as SF and Seattle seem to have quite a bit of involvement and influence on the course of walk-bike development. Why something similar doesn't happen in our area, I couldn't exactly say.

Definitely true about huge adventure bike touring potential over the coast range. Departure points between Forest Grove and Gaston, Banks, Vernonia. It's a huge mass of timbered land on the map through which routes for biking could be improved...on logging and service roads that already exist. The trick is to consciously, deliberately recognize the importance of conserving the area for recreation, enhancing route capacity for bike travel while not inviting an excess of travel by motor vehicle. A very tricky prospect.

There might be potential for way, lodging, recreation along the routes. Income for local residents. Not eveyone can or wants to bike camp. Some people like to travel more slowly, making the trip in two-three days instead of one.
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