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Ws... no, the county is only a small part of the solution discussions with regard to bike lanes. Most are managed by the city for new development requirements where the 1/2-street improvement required by developers creates the new bike lanes. These are not affected in this conversation.

WashCo is charged with dealing with the old longstanding need for connectivity in difficult regions. Brookwood is considered difficult because of the 55mph speed limit north of Evergreen and they "worry" about 18 wheelers doing 70 mph next to a 4' bike lane. A comment to the effect that "18 wheelers have been known to suck sewer covers out of the roadways and send them sailing" is one that kinda stuck with me.

The county only has so much right-of-way available for what use to be rural sections of roadway. Since this region is slated for industrial expansion, the increased 18 wheeler delivery routes and possible need for width expansion in the future leaves the county with some tough decisions. The good thing is they are thinking about us (I think federal law requires this) but the sad thing is that the west side has little support form the local cycling communities to drive their decisions. We have a huge cycling community, yet no organized or unified voice into the county, or the cities for that matter. At least, not that I can see.

So yes, I should find out more about current projects. Cornelius Pass north too needs to be considered. In a recent map, WashCo actually had this marked as "bike lane available" which I did correct them on. In general, support north of 26 is poor at best. It is a very popular destination. Even south boundries are lacking to some extent where safety issues come in with limited sight distances. Support for climbing lanes would go a long way to opening up the southern Hillsboro-west region to recreational cycling. And how about a bikeway to the coast? Again, WashCo for the greater section.

Slowly, west portland is becoming a cycling destination. Yesterday, I went with a Springwater coridor user on the Banks/Vernonia trail. The "shade" was a big aspect to the ride's enjoyment. Can you image a ride through the Tillamook forest all the way to Sand Lake? {Sigh}

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