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Originally Posted by Simple Nature View Post
wsbob, yes, I do know how WashCo feels about the Brookwood "solution". ...
Do you feel the county is interested in generally moving towards providing off-street low grade MUP's, and away from providing on-street bike lanes? I'd like to think this isn't something the county is seriously considering; I think people need both types of public way for bikes, and that's what I expressed in the survey in the 'notes' section.

Logically, roadies and many, but not all commuters, wouldn't want to mess much with MUP's like the Springwater. On the other hand, many people that bike are averse to riding alongside any motor vehicle traffic. Even when a great bike lane exists on the street, they ride the sidewalk instead.

I'll ramble a bit:
Using a road I'm familiar with, imagine 170th in its present motor vehicle volume capacity, from TV Hwy, north, all the way to Cornell Rd, expanded 12'-16' to provide continuous 6' or 8' bike lanes on both sides of the road. Bring the speed limit down from its present 40 mph, to 25 mph. Tough to do. A decent MUP paralleling 170th some distance away from the road...arbitrarily say...60'-70' to give a little peaceful separation from the road traffic, would be even tougher to do. Ideas like this though, are perhaps an example of what people should have been considering long ago.

With a decent, continuous lane for bike travel along the entire length of this section of the road, imagine the numbers of people that would likely take up commuting by bike on 170th.
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