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Originally Posted by Simple Nature View Post
Interesting survey. There is a catch in there that you may not realize, however. WashCo want to make more "off-street" bike lanes. They are no more than a wide sidewalk. See NE Brookwood Pkwy in the business district as an example. This is -not- a commuter friendly alternative. It is more for the family ride to the library, but for those of us who travel at 20mph on a regular basis will use Shute Rd. for instance. Once you get north of Evergreen, the sidewalk is the only option and soon, all options disappear. WashCo is still trying to figure out what they can do from Huffman St. north and southbound from US26. They think 55 mph 18 wheelers are too intimidating for us hard core riders. They don't undertsand that we have to take the lane here as it is today if you don't know any better routes.

So vote for on-street bike lanes. Don't let em push us back into the shadows.
Unless there's been more to support an idea that such an intention exists on the part of various county planners...leaders, seems a generally broad conclusion that the county is leaning towards off-street bike lanes to an increased exclusion of on-street bike lanes...if that's what your concern is. Seriously...has anyone heard rumblings that the county is really leaning towards that direction?

I did kind of notice in the survey, that there were some questions mentioning separated bike lanes, but also, on-street bike lanes, neighborhood streets as compared to busy thoroughfares, and so on.

Hmm...I got too busy to remember to try figure out whether the questions could be copied and pasted here in the forums; if anyone knows how to do that, it might be helpful.

I'm not familiar with the separated bike lane on NE Brookwood Pkwy-business district, that you're referring to, but it seems to me that separated MUP-bike lanes like the Springwater Corridor are a great idea, which the county and cities should be working to create more of. The Springwater seems to be a route that's actually somewhat practical for commuter use, while in that respect, other MUP's tend to be more recreational.

I thought the survey questions were generally good, and reflected a genuine interest in supporting more use of bikes as travel for practical purposes. In terms of past and ongoing reality though, if you think of the recent Bethany Road expansion controversy...certain county commissioners and others unwaveringly intent on increasing the road's capacity to move a greater volume of motor vehicles...there continues to be far too great an emphasis on providing for more extensive motor vehicle use for travel rather than walking and biking for travel.
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