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Default Me, too...

I thought I picked up on several questions that seemed to hint at wanting answers specific to off-street "bike paths". I wish I could remember all my responses, but in the comment area I recall adding that any off-street Multi-use paths must be of sufficient width to be useful for travel. I also put a comment in about signal detection and light cycle times. Nothing grates on me more than pulling up to a left turn signal and having to wait for a car to arrive before I'll get the light (unless I want to drag my bike across a lane or two and up onto the sidewalk to push the ped signal button). Except for maybe pulling up behind two cars in a left turn lane, having the light turn green, then yellow again before I can even get up to the crosswalk...

And yeah, "frequent" bike riding means once a week??? I was glad they included the other question:
" often do you ride a bike a month. I answered 100"
I could only put 40.
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