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Originally Posted by K'Tesh View Post
But, it's not a pleasant country road. Traffic there is a nightmare, and we NEED the bike lanes.
I'd love to see them only add the bike lanes and sidewalks, and I had a situation at that damned roundabout on Barrows once too. I stayed on the road, rather than jumping up to the sidewalk when the bike lane ended, and wasn't able to keep my speed as I tried to get back to Scholls Ferry Rd. Had a large vehicle on my tail that made me very uncomfortable. The one positive thing I can say about the widening of the lanes, there are very few right hook/left cross opportunities here, as the development of this area seems to be completed already (esp between Roy Rogers and Blackbird/158th).

Lets remember this, no matter the widening and potential motor traffic increases, We NEED the bike lane here. (Signage leading bikes to/on Barrows Road, might also be nice)
Beaverton needs to fix the curb cut ramps if they want bikes to go up on the sidewalks around the roundabout. Currently, the grade from roadway up onto the sidewalk is almost vertical. I ignore it and go around in the lane. Once past the roundabout, the roadway widens to two lanes, and most people want to go left onto Scholls (at least on the weekends they do) so I feel perfectly comfortable taking up the rightmost lane to turn left.

And yeah, bike lanes on the rest of Barrows would be nice; there's enough room to cut into the lawn between the roadway and the sidewalk at least on the north-side of the street. It would mean shifting the lanes a little bit but it would be possible without removing any of the street-side trees. Both directions would be able to have bike lanes.

Scholls doesn't become a "pleasant country road" until after River Road. Before that point, it's a highway-- OR 210.
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