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Lightbulb It's not a pleasant country road...

Originally Posted by Spiffy View Post
unfortunate that they feel the need to encourage more traffic by adding 3 more auto traffic lanes...

let us know if you feel safer after they change it from a pleasant country road to a freeway with bike lanes...
But, it's not a pleasant country road. Traffic there is a nightmare, and we NEED the bike lanes.

I ride on the sides of freeways, and I feel a lot safer there than I do on this stretch of road. I made the mistake of riding from Sherwood home one night, and traffic conditions made me feel uncomfortable taking the lane... I nearly crashed when my bike went off the edge of the road and onto the shoulder.

Shelley told me that it was going to be a buffered bike lane. I've since written the traffic engineer with a request for confirmation.

Originally Posted by Simple Nature View Post
I made the mistake of riding that stretch once and since have used Barrows Rd that parallels Scholls Ferry. Its not a perfect detour since it still lacks a bike lane for part of it, but it is a lot better and safer than Scholls Ferry.
I'd love to see them only add the bike lanes and sidewalks, and I had a situation at that damned roundabout on Barrows once too. I stayed on the road, rather than jumping up to the sidewalk when the bike lane ended, and wasn't able to keep my speed as I tried to get back to Scholls Ferry Rd. Had a large vehicle on my tail that made me very uncomfortable. The one positive thing I can say about the widening of the lanes, there are very few right hook/left cross opportunities here, as the development of this area seems to be completed already (esp between Roy Rogers and Blackbird/158th).

Lets remember this, no matter the widening and potential motor traffic increases, We NEED the bike lane here. (Signage leading bikes to/on Barrows Road, might also be nice)
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