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Fresh off of riding the eastside on Saturday:

Cornelius Pass: not very fast, definitely busy, and it's two lanes with textured edges, and no shoulder to speak of, and it's not very fast. When there's six cars behind stuck behind you as the grade levels out, taking the lane isn't a realistic option. Can't even imagine the climb. Fool me once…

Rocky Point: I've been down, only once. It's kind of wild and the patched-up pavement looks a little sketchy, so take it easy and enjoy the view. It might be the only time you're grateful for clear cut forests.

Logie Trail: rode it a couple of times, but only going up. The second half really turns up the screws. I suffer every time.

McNamee: an enigma. Longer than the other eastside roads, the average grade is gentler, but only because it undulates. Even the descent feels like a climb.

Germantown/Cornell: we're out on a joyride, just like the Bimmer crowd. Why can't we just help each other out? When I hear one coming from behind, I adjust my line if there's room, or signal if it's safe to cut the corner.

And it's probably stating the obvious to say that I prefer to ride Skyline north, then use US30 inbound to avoid having to cross it. Riding alongside is unpleasant enough.
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