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Just an update...

Today I did Newberry from hwy 30 after about 40 miles of meandering around town. The 1st mile is brutal... the second mile is much better. Plenty of turn-outs but watch out for the Beemers testing their road prowess. You can usualy hear them coming up giving you time to signal.

I had more issues with Cornelius Pass once I got off Skyline. RELENTLESS DRIVERS! No shoulder to speak of. I should have taken Old Cornelius Pass. It was a nice 38mph extended descent once I gave up and just went for it. But you end up climbing just before Germantown. Drivers just don't want bikes on their little Autobahn! I think it is time for some enforcement.

I did duck off this madness at Germantown and rolled down 185th. Still a lot of impatient drivers but at least it was a rural country road with good visibility. They couldn't hold to big a grudge.

I'm glad I had maps! ...and that I remembered I had maps. Newberry is at the very top of the Washington Co. bike map and the little Portland bike map cuts off at the St. John's bridge. I was starting to feel really lost when I saw the Sauvie Island sign and that is when I saw Newberry across the street.
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