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Originally Posted by lynnef View Post
if you map it out on, you'll get elevations.
Hey, that's a nice mapping site! Thanks for steering me there. I don't care it if has hills, as long as I'm mentally prepared for it. I've ridden the Grand Ronde cutoff before as part of a (longish for me) ride from SW PDX down to the Wheatland ferry, across to Amity, back roads most of the way to the afore mentioned cutoff from HWY 18, 101 down to Slab Creek Road to Hwy 18 (way better than riding 101 over Cascade Head), and then into Lincoln City. I think the climb from the ferry over the hill to Amity was actually slightly harder than the Grand Ronde route through the coast range. It's definitely the easy way across the coast range, though I'm still partial to the Nestucca River Road route, understanding its quite a bit hillier with a short bit of gravel.
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