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No problem...I enjoyed putting together my thoughts on the event. Everyone making their own decision is as you say, important. Not everyone has what they feel is enough time to adequately check out sources of info to help them make their decision, so they do what they can.

Another weblog I check in on from time to time is blueoregon. Not a huge amount of activity over there, but it has some good writers.

wsbob is just my weblog name, used elsewhere in part to challenge people to think beyond the name to the content of ideas expressed in the comments I post. If you like though, you or anyone else here in the forums can call me by my actual name, Darrell.

By the way, it turns out that the race for Attorney General is quite a bit more interesting than I'd realized when I saw Holton speak at the forum. The Oregonian did a story or two on it sometime in the last 4-5 days. Holton's the guy that had the feds raid medical marijuana growers involved in questionable transactions. Rosenblum is married to Willamette Week Publisher, Richard Meeker. Don't really know much about her other than this.
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