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Default Touring: PDX to Coos Bay

Greetings folks, I'm starting to plan a touring trip for me and a buddy likely to happen in late June. Starting in SW PDX/Beaverton, ending in Coos Bay where some friends live. I'd like to start planning out some semi-specific routes, and I'm soliciting suggestions either from personal experience or if there are resources that might give options (i.e. touring books/websites).

I'm very familiar with the major driving routes from PDX to the coast, and I'm tentatively planning on heading out TV highway thru Forest Grove (I know, not the prettiest ride through Hillsboro, but past FG it's really nice through the wineries), and then heading over the range on Hwy 6. I'm open to other suggestions including 47, 99, 26, or less-traveled rural roads, though. Since the distance as the crow rides is about 250 miles, I'm figuring this will take around 4 days. Once we get out to the coast, I'd like to ride a day or two on 101 along the coast, but duck inland for a while to see some of the coastal forests. Again, lay down some suggestions if you have 'em.

Also, this is not an exclusive ride. If anyone is interested in riding with us, you are welcome for all or even just part of the ride. We plan on camping a couple of nights and hotel/moteling a night or two.

Happy trails,
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