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lovedoctor ...I notice you're a new forum member ... Welcome!

Re; my impressions of candidates at the forum, I don't consider myself particularly astute politically, but I'll try offer a few impressions (well, as it turned out...more than a few due to the marvel of good coffee.):

Mayoral race, which is the imcumbent Mayor Denny Doyle, and contenders John Somoza and Pavel Goberman. Doyle's experience and confidence shows. In his probably late 50's to mid 60's, he's easy going, down to earth, upbeat, clearly knows the territory. Some of the council decisions he's been party to over the years inevitably tend to have people wondering. The study to determine whether to site a pro baseball stadium in Central Beaverton was one. A more recent issue has to do with the somewhat covert manner in which Doyle and council prepared to and finally bought the Coldwell Banker Builiding in the multi use complex called The Round.
John Somoza, in his 40's, government lawyer, good speaker, challenging Doyle for what he considers lack of transparency, i.e. examples such as CWB Building. Also objects to Beaverton's 'strong mayor' form of government. I'd say he's got potential as a politician down the road if he gets more experience in that area, but for this race, he likely won't get the votes.

Pavel Goberman, very interesting guy, probably in his 70's or later, Russian expatriate, successful health and fitness businessman. Harder for me to say much substantial about this guy, partly because I had trouble following the heavy Russian accent. He voiced his objections to Doyle not inviting him as a mayoral candidate to some kind of event. I think he also objected to the strong mayor government, using heavy duty rhetorical metaphors based on some of Russia's more infamous governing. Probably wont get the votes.
City council seat 3. Honestly, and with my apologies, I didn't listen very closely to Solomon and Fagin. I'd probably go with Fagin, who seemed to have a better grasp of what the job is and what needs to be done, but again, I say this admitting I didn't listen closely enough to be sure at this point.

City Council seat 4 Unchallenged in is Catherine Arnold. Most everything she said seemed on the money. Answers questions on the spot well. A good vote.

State Attorney General: Listened to Holton, the candidate that appeared. He's trying to make a big stand on the idea that the state AG's job is fighting for justice, which he's saying his challenger isn't prepared to stand up for. Not sure here. Got to read more. Think I'm interested in Rosenblum.

Washington County Commissioner District 1 race: An important one to me: Dick Schouten is the incumbent, Betty Bode challenging. I'm really wondering what's happening with the commission, and what would happen if Bode got the seat. It really is important to know something about the makeup of the commission, and what it does. Schouten knows what's going on, is an advocate for solutions to county traffic congestion problems, values open land, farmland, all of that. He's a strong supporter of active transportation (walking, biking, etc.) infrastructure. I've heard that he works well with the chair, Duyck, and is able to reason with him.

Washington County, like a lot of areas of the country, is in this struggle of trying to generate revenue to pay for stuff, create non-polluting job opportunities, and on and on. Development and making land available for development is among the means used to ensure that a high quality of life continues to exist in the county, for residents. The county commission plays a role in deciding the exact means to ensure Washington County's high quality of life continues to exist. The commissioners have different views of what the means will be.

I've gotten off track here. Lots more points could be raised. I'm not really sure what Betty Bode would do if she had the chair. Besides saying she feels she'd be a stronger voice on the commission for Beaverton than she considers Schouten to be, I couldn't pick up exactly what she would do. With regards to Washington County growth issues, something that seems clearly apparent, is that traffic congestion and the inclination to spread out development is slowly, methodically strangling the quality of life many people in the urban areas of the county have available to them.

Unless Bode were to say something between now and the election, more substantial than she did at the forum, that would tell me with certainty that she can do a better job than Schouten has, on working to counter deteriorating effects of urban development on Washington County's quality of life, I probably couldn't give her the vote. This is despite the fact that on the Beaverton City Council and as bike advisory committee liazon, she seems to have done a good job of sticking up for the average jane and joe.

Metro Council District 3 seat: sorry...didn't stay to hear the gentleman.
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