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Default Spring Voter Forum in Beaverton

Just occurred to me to post a notice here about the Spring Voter Forum in Beaverton. The 'meet and greet' is tonight at 6:30pm, candidate presentations start at 7pm. Kind of late notice for any of you out there to change schedules and drop by, but if it works out, you might enjoy.

Voters Forum in Beaverton

The website lists all the candidates speaking and some other info as well. Of biking note, is that running for Dick Schouten's Washington County Commissioner District 1 seat, is Beaverton City Council member, also Beaverton Bike Advisory committee liazon, Betty Bode.

Would Betty Bode be a better, stronger member of the County Commission than Dick Schouten has been? This is a question I wouldn't mind getting some answers to at tonight's presentation. Schouten's a guy that's favored support for transportation by means other than motor vehicle, so we're not doing bad with him. Bode has quite an impressive resume. Check this report on some of it in the story at Candidate profile – Betty Bode, Washington County Commissioner District 1/ Bodner-Wash Co Elections Examiner

It's worth keeping in mind that whoever is on the County Commission is working with Andy Duyck, Commission Chairperson, who has tended to be strong for things such as road widening for increased motor vehicle use through residential neighborhoods. Also, for converting rural land to land available for urban development. How strongly does he support travel by foot and bike? I'm not sure, but my impression so far, is that he's not strongly supportive of travel by those means. I'll be voting for the person best suited to help adapt to Washington County's developing travel needs in ways that counter effects of excessive reliance on motor vehicles for transportation that gradually but steadily have deteriorated quality of life in Washington County.

3:30pm ...just noticed a recently posted story over at the O about the Commissioner seat race Washington County Commission District 1: Quiet race turns up the volume/dana tims/oregonian

Oh...the city usually puts out some tasty snacks for the event too!

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