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It's been a while since I visited here but now I'm back to biking I thought I'd chime in.I have not ridden my bike on TV highway for a few months now. I did recall passing through that intersection when they built the warning lights for pedestrians to cross which I thought was a bad idea because when a pedestrian pushes the button to turn on the warning lights, some cars doesn't stop right away or they ignore the lights period.

Now that they actually built a stop light, its a good idea for the pedestrians to cross. I think its always unsafe to ride that intersection because you'll either compete with pedestrians standing on the bike path waiting to cross or trimet bus occupies the bike lane when they do their pick up and drop offs at that intersection and that's why someone here mentioned that its wiser to avoid that intersection and cut through that neighborhood.

To me, TV Highway has always been a dangerous road to ride because some part of the bike lanes are too narrow and I was afraid of cars hitting me especially if they are all going 40 or more MPH.
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