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Originally Posted by Simple Nature View Post
Google Earth has a streetview of Newberry and McNamee. Seems like a real nice 10 mile loop with Sauvie Island as a side tour. I saw a lot of turnouts on Newberry. Both are nicely paved.

WSBOB, let me know when you want to do this ride

Thanks for posting the question, Lynnef. Hadn't really thought through one of these excursions until now. Looks quite reasonable for a summer event.
Uh...yeah. I'm not in especially great shape, which, to enjoy riding Mcnamee and particularly Newberry, it sounds as though one should be. I thought from looking at the map that Newberry looked steep, but the '...whacking steep...' descriptive reference set me to withering.

On the map, further out, I notice NW Johnson and NW Rocky Point Road. They're probably steep too. For a little break, I've got off and walked before. No big deal, especially on quiet roads.
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