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It's been years since I've ridden Cornelius Pass to Hwy 30. It's the fast way down. That's about the only positive thing I can say about the road in terms of its suitability for riding. Motor vehicle traffic on the road is mad-crazy, and there's a lot of it because it's a major route, in fact, a truck route, I think. I seem to recall it has some marginal shoulders. I would consider taking only the toughest most road savvy riders down it. The road isn't even very scenic.

Germantown Rd would be my preference. A 20-25mph rd, it's a beautiful ride, though the hairpin turns and generally narrow road, minimal if any shoulders pose some hazard to people biking, what with nitwit people driving that seem to feel obliged to try defy the natural slowing of the roads curves, disregarding basic caution to try gain some time by passing. Germantown has a few places to pull off to let the anxious drivers move on. That's what I've done in past. Years back at least, traffic was light. The tight turns and almost no straightaways, I think make it a road people driving don't want to fuss with.

I've climbed both roads when fit. Germantown is my preference for climbing. Again, though they don't really want to go slow, the road more or less forces motor vehicle traffic to go slow or reduce their speed upon coming up behind a bike or bikes. You might have to pull off for 15-20 seconds to let them pass, but with a climb like this, that's not such a bad thing.

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