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The Oregonian in a story yesterday, reported on the most recent public meeting on a safer transition past Hall Blvd for Fanno Creek Trail users. Plans to select one of the two main options, a bridge or a tunnel, was halted due to concern over projected costs, 5 million and 9 million respectively.

Fanno Creek Trail crossing is put on hold after cost estimates soar

"... The estimated $2 million and $3 million price tags attached only a few months ago to the bridge and tunnel, respectively, have risen to $5 million and $9 million, according to staff reports. ..." dana tims/oregonian

The story doesn't detail reasons why the costs 'soared' ...just that they apparently have.

The story also reminds us that City of Beaverton is working with THPRD ... Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District on this because it's a park crossing a road in Beaverton. Beav Mayor Denny Doyle is reported to have moved to adjourn the meeting because there was no consensus.

Disappointing is that neither in the O story or THPRD's website page are there posted conceptual renderings of what the two options could be best expected to look like for the anticipated costs. This leaves people being expected to make a decision, having very little idea of what's to be had for the money. Wikipedia's brief page for overpasses has a few interesting bits of the UK, they're referred to as 'Flyovers'.

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