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Frogs were still singing in the late afternoon, last week as I rode up to the park entrance. This being a month ago since I first posted, signs of spring change in the plant live are increasingly noticeable. Green leaves are just emerging from the small trees called Indian Plum...mostly all graceful bare branches with little tips of brilliant emerald and little white flowers. Those brilliant yellow pond lilly blooms are just ready to show too. They might even be called Toad Lillies. I

The park's two asphalt bikes allowed paths are just a third of a mile and maybe a half mile in length, 7mph speed limit, but they're good for a nice, slow roll through the park to allow your senses to take in some of all the different things there...the range of forms of plant and animal life, the fragrances...the sounds of the water in the creek.

The southernmost of the two asphalt trails, The Vine Maple Trail, runs kind of east west and falls maybe 500' short of 170th on the west, where a dirt trail makes the connection to the road. To my knowledge this one section of connecting dirt trail is the only exception to the park's exclusion of bikes from being ridden on the park's dirt paths. There are plenty of tire tracks on it too, showing that people are riding bikes through the park.

The dirt paths have signs at their start, indicating that riding isn't allowed on them. Actually, they just say 'no bikes' accompanied by one of those European crossed out symbols of a bike. Walking a bike on the dirt paths is allowed though, and it's worth it. It's all beautiful and quiet.
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