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Interesting ride in this morning.

Lots of snowflakes, luckily none of them sticking.
Nice fellow commuters, giving me space when I need it to get around debris in the bike lane (reporting it to Tigard's wonderful street crews this morning).

And one clueless parent on auto pilot this morning around Twality Middle School, almost ran me over at the three-way stop. There was traffic at all stops, including me. The guy directly across from me went; the guy to my right went; then it was my turn, right?

Got almost halfway into the intersection when the next guy to my right decided it was his turn. He started going, then slammed on the brakes as I slammed on mine and started yelling at the top of my lungs.

It's not like I was invisible-- bright apple-green raincoat with my most annoying screaming yellow vest over it, lights all over the place... I am NOT inconspicuous.

He mimed "sorry" and I mimed "USE YOUR EYES", I could have been a kid and he would have killed me dead with his big gray truck. He went into the middle school driveway to drop off his kid, I went on my way with heart rate elevated.

Yup, it's true what they say: the most dangerous part of the road system appears to be around schools! Did not get his license plate, I was more focused on making eye contact and making sure he understood that he had to pay attention to ALL traffic.

But the rest of my ride in to work was great!
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