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In comment 3, I showed a photo of West Ave north of Broadway at Canyon Rd looking south to the bank of vintage buildings aligned with Broadway's east-west orientation, effectively creating an impermeable wall to further travel along West Ave beyond that point. Well...not exactly a wall to further travel south on West Ave, because West Ave actually ends with the 'T' intersection it makes with Broadway. As I mentioned in comment 6 though, if the vintage building were to be redesigned to incorporate a public pass-through arch into the building, West Ave could meet with Washington Ave with which West Ave is almost in perfectly in line with. For Beaverton, or even a larger city, something like this would be a substantial undertaking, but it looks like it could be a worthy one.

Also in comment 3, I mentioned how West Ave from a visionary perspective might conceivably become an extraordinarily nice 'through city' pedestrian bike boulevard extending at least from Millikan Way, which is north of Canyon Rd, and maybe even further north from Beaverton Central, home of The Round...offices, residences, retail, restaurant, and possible new home of City Hall, Police Department, assuming the city goes on to purchase the Coldwell-Banker building that's part of The Round complex.

Returning to Broadway and the bank of vintage buildings aligning Broadways south side and blocking continued travel along West Ave. West Ave 'T's with Broadway and ends here. It does not continue on the other side of the bank of buildings; but another street in line with West Ave, Washington Ave...does resume southward travel somewhat south of bank of buildings. Washington Ave picks up on the south side of the major east-west thoroughfare, Farmington Rd. And of course, there is the single track freight railroad between the bank of buildings and Farmington.

A West Ave-Washington Ave pedestrian-bike boulevard's strength is multi-fold. One of it's strongest though, is that it could provide a direct link between Beaverton Central, Broadway, and 6 blocks further beyond the RR tracks and Farmington Beaverton's Central Library with it's beautiful architecture...the big city park with its splashing fountain and numerous neighborhood events...and the Saturday Farmers's Market.

Let's look at some pics.... . First one will be the earlier posted pic of the 'T' intersection of West Ave and Broadway from the north side looking south:

West Ave and Broadway from the north side looking south, showing the bank of vintage buildings

This view shows from Washington Ave across Farmington and the RR tracks, the same bank of vintage buildings from the south to their back side. It's basically 180 degrees from the previous shot, but from the buildings' south side.

If you stood with your back to the window with the shade in the picture above, this is what you would see, looking south down Washington Ave to the park in the distance. The angular column of orange you see in the distance is a modernist-pop sculpture in the park.

From Washington Ave, a closer view of the sculpture in the park. The number of motor vehicles traveling Washington Ave is a typically very low. It's a very laid back street, particularly at its terminus at the park, which is part of the reason the kids you see in the pic are able to lounge comfortably right in the street itself. When I was studying the street for a good view, they were relaxed, skating around, having good fun.

Keep in mind that quiet, low traffic volume Washington Ave is just one block away from the very busy, noisy Watson Ave, making it far more appealing for a relaxed walk or bike ride to the Library and the park than is Watson. If you happen to be in Beaverton for a visit, try it!

These views of Washington Ave, partly due to the stacking nature of the zoom lens may seem to exaggerate an impression that nothing's really happening on this street. That impression wouldn't really correspond accurately with reality. A couple hints, using the third photo from the top: Along the first block shown, and to the sidestreets are for example...a violin instruction and practice studio...a woodwind repair shop...a new age shop...a tattoo studio.

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