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Default Main Ave bike boulevard/Rose Biggi primary bicycle connection proposal

^ From a position on Broadway, 600-700 feet west of Watson, we're looking south across the freight train tracks and Farmington road, which the rail bed blocks the view of, to Main Ave . Pg 76 of the Civic Plan lists Main as a future 'Bike Boulevard'. Notice the use path through the ivy? You can tell that people are already hoofing it across the tracks. Maybe to go get a snack at the DQ ? (you can see the edge of the store's sign on the red pole.).

Making Main Ave and Rose Biggi Ave (read next photo caption.) a primary bicycle connection obliges the use of a track crossing that offers some safety feature. Pg 82 of the Civic Plan shows an overhead graphic visualization of what the crossing would be...a sort of chicane gate affair.

This shot is an about face from the photo above. What it shows is critically important to understanding Beaverton's plan for a north-south bike boulevard extending north beyond Main Ave's current termination at Farmington Rd. The foreground of the photo with cars parked there is at present...simply a parking lot. Same basic situation as that described for West Ave in the earlier posts.

The road just beyond the parking lot is the very busy Canyon Rd (doesn't look very intimidating in the photo, but trust me... .). The funny shaped multi-story beige building is part of The Round complex, Beaverton Central, light rail crossing, etc. You've got to use your imagination here, and a map if you've got one, to get a sense of what the route for this bike boulevard might be. They aren't directly in line with each other, but basically, the suggestion in the Civic Plan is that Main Ave and Rose Biggi Ave would meet to:
"...serve as the primary bicycle connection between Beavertonís Old Town (south of Farmington) and emerging development and activity centers north of Canyon. ..." pg 46/civic plan
Looking at the picture, Rose Biggi is somewhere off to the left(west) of the funny shaped beige building.

By the way, about the beige building I referred to as 'funny shaped': that's the Coldwell-Banker building. Thursday morning's The Oregonian posted an interesting story about that particular building.

Beaverton officials poised to buy $8.65 million building at The Round, potentially for a City Hall

The beige Coldwell-Banker building is the building city officials apparently have for some time, been making arrangements to buy. The story is interesting for a number of reasons, in particular, the paper's pointed noting that city officials persistently resisted efforts to have info about the arrangements to buy be readily known by the public. Also, interesting considering the story breaking on the 1st of March, and the sale being planned for the 20th of March.

About the story being published to I don't recall the exact post time, but it was sometime before 2pm on Thursday the 1st. There's still indication of this that can be seen by noting the post time of some of the comments. A few of the post times: 12:15PM, 12:41PM, 1:31PM. Thursday evening, the listed post time for the story was changed to 9:23pm with a 9:48 update. To be fair, the updated story has provided more information about city officials reasons for feeling the purchase would be a wise one, one of the newly reported reasons having to do with money the city has been paying on a lease for something called the 'Beaverton Central Plant' on The Round. You're thinking perhaps 'What is the 'Beaverton Central Plant? I give you a brief description from the Daily Journal of Commerce, a link to the brief story, and link to Beaverton Central :

"...The Beaverton Central Plant is a district energy system that provides heating and cooling for several buildings at The Round, a mixed-use project in Beaverton. ..." Daily Journal of Congress Beaverton energy plant becomes classroom for OIT students

Beaverton Central

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