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Default West Ave ped/bike boulevard visualizing

From Millikan Way, south across Canyon Rd to Broadway, this shot depicts a view of East Ave's counterpart, West Ave to the south of Canyon Rd. The two story red brick colored building in the pictures background, front Broadway and are vintage structures along the stretch of Broadway between Hall and Watson.

As you can see, the parking lot in the foreground of this shot roughly aligns with West Ave across Canyon, but in actuality, is just a parking lot, and is not currently designated a street. A parking lot serving a decrepit and unoccupied building. Consulting the Beaverton Bike Map is helpful in understanding West Ave's potential future route, and where it currently stops. The map will verify that West Ave does not presently exist north of Canyon Rd.

In the right side foreground is the unoccupied building, most recently a Chinese restaurant. Left of foreground, out of camera view would be the Beaverton Carwash. Between Canyon and Broadway on both sides of West Ave is part of Lanphere Enterprises.

Same camera angle, but closer, to show the existing West Ave with the aforementioned buildings. At one time, the white building on the left was the home of the Beaverton Pharmacy. Vanek's Shoe some nice Tony Lama's there.

West used to be straight. Somehow, for some reason coinciding with Lanphere Enterprises acquisition of adjoining properties, the street acquired the twist it has now. No problem...makes for a nice departure from the usual. People working on the Broadway Redesign effort have ideas for West Ave, going along with the idea of Broadway becoming a kind of 'festival street'. I see pedestrian/bike boulevard. A nice brew pub with patio seating out in the sun on the asphalt area around the entrance to the white building.

This shot is almost exactly 180 degrees from the First camera view, looking roughly north. The idea is that it will help to show the potential for a continuation of West Ave north, at least to Millikan Way, which is the street just past the parking area and sidewalk the guy is strolling along.

Notes about details in the picture: building with the balconies and slim red roof, shown on the left of the picture is The Round complex. The light rail runs east-west past the complex. In the background, the building with the blue detailing is an older high rise office complex. It's quite a ways further down Hall. Lens compaction makes it seem closer than it is.
Ideally, arrangements with property owners north of Millikan Way could be made to allow for a continuation of West Ave north...let your eye visualize a route through the parking lot in the middle ground of the picture. Realistically...what is the likelihood that arrangements would be made with property owners to extend West Ave north through these parking lots for the purpose of making a pedestrian-bike boulevard? I would think it's quite a small one. There's money paid out to property owners for loss of property value, and tax revenue losses to the city to consider, future development potential which a central pedestrian-bike boulevard coursing through these areas of land could conceivably present an obstacle to.

Still, I think it's ideas such as this, ideas that, though they may seem radical and crazy to some people, should at least be considered before the city is blocked and irreversibly plotted out for all time. West Ave as a pedestrian-bike boulevard could be big and wide, having some of the function and feeling of the broad multi-use paths that accompany Portland State University along Portland's South Park Blocks. In fact, though the South Park Blocks are a linear park, they're just 100' wide. Think about it.

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