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Originally Posted by scaryseth View Post
Yes indeed, that was us. Hello back

Normally it is indeed closed. We were on a guided night time walk by the district. Been on walks there many times, first time at night. I can see how it would be appealing at night
Hey Seth... . I love hearing that the park district is thinking of ways to invite the public into the park after dark. You didn't mention an owl spotting. When I've traveled through the park at night, I've listened closely for sounds. Really...except for frogs this time of probably requires a bit of waiting and sitting quietly to hear something.

Oddly enough, I think it was sometime during the day...some months back, along the Vine Maple Trail at about the .17/mile point that a big ol' owl was sitting up in a tree about 15' up. Really gets people's attention, I'll tell ya. Interpretative center staff confirms it hangs out around there from time to time.
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