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Originally Posted by scaryseth View Post
Was there last night for owl spotting. The frogs were deafening when next to the ponds. But yet, not a one could be seen with the spot light out.

Were you riding through the park?
Yes I was . In fact, just as I was leaving the park, I said hello to a party of nocturnal adventurers just walking into the park, seeking to spot some owls. So if you were one of them Seth...Hello!

I should mention that technically, the park closes at dusk. Signs at the entrances inform the public of this. I'm taking some liberties with the rules by being there after dark. This experience of occasionally being there in the evening, especially on clear, full moon nights like we've been having is kind of hard not to like. Over by the ponds on Oak Trail can be beautiful at night.

The park district actually does have some official, guided night tours through the park, indicating it also understands the varied natural appeal of the park after dark. In fact, 'Park after Dark' is I believe, the name of one of the guided night tours. Later this evening, I might search for the schedule and edit the link into this post.
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