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I am -not- ignoring this forum. I too have been having issues getting to any part of (thanks K'Tesh, for your help).

I am on a server at work and this is working fine but no computers going out of my Comcast modem at home are connecting. This is the only site I have issues with.

Hope to get it resolved soon. I miss participating in this forum.

For what its worth, I went to 2 totally separate computers that have nothing in common after the wireless router. comp 1 is on Windows 7 64 bit and the second is on XP Pro. comp 1 is IE latest and comp 2 is firefox (old). 1st time ever to log into on comp 2. Same failure "waiting for reply". On comp 1, after the 1st timeout... before the error message, it redirects to a dead IP address someplace in Houston (shows IP address but no replies when ping'd). Anyway, I've scrubbed and cleaned the windows 7 comp (which has always been up to date) to no avail. It is either Comcast,, my cable modem, or the wireless router causing this issue. This really, REALLY sucks.

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