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"Was Hotlips really a natural blond? ..."

Could a been. Probably not that particular shade created for tv. Besides...particularly with regards to ms lips, hair is definitely secondary in the overall scheme of things

The not being able to get bikeportland to open thing has been a puzzler. I was feeling all guilty about being sorta notorious for comments to the main page that some people find annoying. Thought I might of been blocked, intentionally or otherwise. Sent a note to the site owner....maus... about possible technical issues. Got a note back today explaining the server issues.

If it's a spam related server issue, I guess I'm kind of wondering what kind of service is needed to more effectively avoid this kind of mishap in future. Seems like maus's site was formally down for a week while efforts to deal with the situation were undertaken. Now this. Sounds like a 'need more money for better gear' issue.
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