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re; Seth's #66 comment : If the school bus was equipped with video recording cameras, maybe it could get license plate numbers and lead to citations being issued.

From pg 90 of the '10-'11 Oregon Driver's Manual:
"...The school bus stop law applies on any roadway with two or more lanes of traffic. There is one exception to the law. If you are on a divided highway with two roads separated by an unpaved median strip or barrier, you must stop only if you are on the same side of the road as the bus.

A painted median strip or a center lane used only for left turns does not create two separate roads. Where this situation exists, all lanes of traffic must stop. School bus drivers may report vehicles that improperly pass school buses. The report may be forwarded to the local law enforcement agency or investigation.

All school buses and some school activity vehicles must stop at railroad crossings. The driver must open the bus door and be sure the tracks are clear before proceeding. ..."
The road depicted in Seth's video does not meet the exception specified in the Oregon Driver's Manual, so the driver's videoed are breaking the law. I question whether they're breaking the law either from deliberate disregard of the law, from lax knowledge of the law or plain ignorance.

I'd take exception to the assumption that the drivers failing to stop for the school bus were allowed to do so, unless there was a police officer present that saw the violation and declined to take action.

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