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Default Schoolbus? What Schoolbus?

From the description of the video on youtube:

A clip from my bicycle helmet cam (Contour HD). I stopped for the school bus on the far side of the road. But 4 motorists did not, in violation of ORS 811.155. See stills from this video at

Do I hear calls from public officials, such as Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz, or Beaverton Traffic Commissioner Reynolds, to halt funding for motor vehicles until all motor vehicle operators obey traffic laws? No.

Instead, I heard or read of both those public officials complain about scofflaw bicyclists running stop signs. Fritz and Reynolds argued that there should be no more spending for bicycle specific infrastructure, until the "bicycle community" (whatever that is) gets all bicyclists to obey all traffic laws.

If motorists are allowed to do this, then why can't bicyclists have an Idaho-style stop-sign-as-yield law in Oregon?

This was on SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway at 56th, about 8:20AM, 1/31/2012, Portland, Oregon, USA.
Here's some stills from the video:

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