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Default Gateway Transit area

The Gateway Transit area is a perpetual mess. There is normally broken glass anywhere from the Max underpass to the north and to Glisan Street on the South.

Then you have the ever-present cigarette smokers who loiter on the path and often are oblivious to bicycle traffic. (I am tired of getting smoke blown in my face as I run the gauntlet). Not to mention the littering and graffiti that makes this area one of the worst eyesores in the city. Friends of Trees removed the trash and butts when they planted trees and shrubs a year or so ago and had bark dust spread along the west side, but you wouldn't know it today. It seems like the city could come up with a smoking structure or shelter where they could contain the cigarette associated litter.

I don't know which governmental agency has jurisdiction, but something needs to be done. It's totally out of hand the way it is.
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