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Exclamation Boy I Wish That We Had That Tunnel Tonight...

Tonight, rather than wait for 45 minutes for a bus to arrive at the Tigard Transit Center, I decided to ride home (31F/0C or colder) with black ice covering everything. I managed to keep myself on the Fanno Creek Trail almost the whole way from Tigard to SW Hall*. I felt the wheel slip on a couple of strokes, but I did what I could to keep a steady pace and not spin out.

When I finally got to SW Hall, I found it to be a skating rink. Worse, more than one car turned into the Albertsons/Arbys parking lot and made me fear that they would loose control and slide into me. When my chance to move finally came, I realized that I'd never be able to ride across that ice, so I dismounted and walked.

Damn! I WANT that tunnel!!! To be able to get across Hall w/o having to play dodge car would be a nice change.

*the one spot I left the trail, I was on a slope that made me fear that I'd fall if I tried to keep my line.
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