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Red face WOW!!!! That's some scary ice out there tonight!

Went to Mom's tonight for dinner. After dinner, she took her dog out for a walk, and nearly slipped on the sheet of black ice that is covering the entire city of Sherwood. Since I had my bike, she decided to drive me to the bus stop rather than make me ride to it (or home).

Catch the bus, ride to the Tigard Transit (Freezing) Center. Get there and check the schedule for the next 76 or 78 to Brrreaverrrrttttonnnn Transit Centerrrrrr. I've got a 45 minute wait. That's not going to work for me.

I rode home on the Fanno Creek Trail, without any problem until I hit the skating rink known as SW Hall. Damn that was slick. I hopped off after realizing that I'd never be able to mount the bike and get the thing moving before having the wheels slide out from under me. Walked across Hall, and spotted a bus heading for Beaverton... Hauled Butt to try to catch it almost made it to SW Greenway before it roared past me (damn Merlo Garage bound bus).

Headed back to the trail, safely managed to get to Denny, but when I got to Lombard... DAMN!!!!!! I managed to stay upright, but I've never been that scared from ice before.

I hopped up on the sidewalk and stayed there for the remainder of the ride, but I plan on staying close to home until temps warm up again.
Riding my bike is MY pursuit of Happiness!!!

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