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Default Cadillac Escalade YQA 135 - texting, blowing stop

I was travelling west on my bike on NE Hancock, just about to cross NE 45th, right about here.

You can see in the above streetview link that it's a two-way stop. I didn't have a stop sign, but the red or burgundy Cadillac Escalade approaching from the right did. The Escalade slow-rolled through the stop and turned right onto Hancock, cutting me off. If I hadn't braked in time it would have collided with me. I yelled something like, "what are you doing?", and as the Escalade turned I expected to be able to make eye contact with the driver. But once I could see into the car, I could see the driver was clearly nose-down looking at the screen of an iPhone, and had earbuds in his ears. Smallish guy with very short dark hair. Pretty sure he never even saw me or heard me.

It was dark out - about 6pm on a clear winter night - but I had a bright blinking light, and reflective jacket.

I continued on behind the Escalade, and held back instead of pulling up alongside it in the bike lane that begins in the next block of Hancock. And it was a good thing: the guy turned right without a turn signal, and without really stopping.

Out of curiosity I'm going to try to report it to PoPo. Not because I think there's much of a chance of anything coming of it, but I'm curious what comes of a report of bad behavior when there's a license plate number. Something I always wonder about when the usual jerks spout off about bicycles needing license plates.
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