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Originally Posted by Oldguyonabike View Post
Clackamas Town Center ... huge glass cluster ...
So, if you are pedaling down this way, carry an extra tube for awhile until someone locates this IED.
I worked down in this neighborhood for about 3 years. Who ever is responsible for street sweeping in south Clackamas County seems to be intent on controlling bike traffic by not cleaning the outside 3 feet of the road - EVER.

My commute often went across the Carver Rd bridge over I-205 (hwy 212 / hwy 224 to Estacada). One winter within a week after gravel had to be put down for icy conditions a crash occurred. Piles of the same windshield glass were there the following winter. Most of the rest of the broken car pieces remained for weeks until they left piece by piece in an order that seemed to indicate scavenging.
I put in requests to have that and other areas cleaned, I put in complaints. No replies, no acknowledgement, no progress.

If a bunch of bike hating rednecks was running Clackamas County transpo dept and they wanted to discourage cycling this would be a good way to do it.
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