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Smile The 2012 Daily Commute Thread.

[EDIT] K'Tesh here... I've been thinking that Schrauf's idea for the Daily Commute Thread should be restarted each year, so I'm going to start the new one starting now... However, in moving the two 2012 posts from the old thread, they jumped over the 2012 announcement post, so I've edited this into the oldest 2012 Daily Commute Thread post...

Originally Posted by Schrauf View Post
This thread is a place where people can post their daily (or occasional) commute highlights and lowlights?
And now with Oldguyonabike's post...[/EDIT]

Greetings and a warning to riders who go as far south as Clackamas Town Center.
I have had 3 flats in the past 2 weeks that all have occurred somewhere between the last underpass at Monterey Road and Sunnybrook as best as I can tell. There was a huge glass cluster south of Monterey that I swept up last friday, but had another flat today with a staple.
I suspect someone's stapled the road.
So, if you are pedaling down this way, carry an extra tube for awhile until someone locates this IED.

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