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Originally Posted by wsbob View Post
"..., but considering this MUP doesn't have motor vehicles on it or crossing it all, it seems to me, questionable whether it needs lighting that meets MUTCD standards for streets that motor vehicles travel.
I'll concede that because there is no automotive traffic there that there does not need to be as much lux on the path as would a crosswalk BUT most of the same hazards still exist:
  • pedestrians with un-legislatable paths and behaviors
  • high speeds (once I hid with a stop watch I found that 25-30 MPH down hill here is common)
  • poor lighting
I counter that some of the MUP specific conditions on the noise wall adjacent part of the path make it more hazardous:
  • extremely low light levels
  • narrow (8 foot wide) MUP width versus preferred design standard (12 foot wide)
  • inaccessibility to police cars makes enforcement of ANY traffic laws unlikely to ever occur
  • inaccessibility to police cars and public view makes this area more prone to criminal activity
Originally Posted by wsbob View Post
I could see the pavement ahead of me just fine traveling 10-15mph. Other people that use the trail may feel differently.
Other people's night vision may suck. Damningly, my vision has noticeably declined ... to 20/15; it used to be much better. Despite having "eagle eyes" my night vision has an odd anomaly: almost ZERO depth perception - not really a lot better during the day. I can see all sorts of dark level detail but it is much harder to pin down where the target is without some light.
With ninjas often the only part that can be seen is the bare metal zipper or an ear bud. Without depth of field info that same angle of field of view could be a large hazard in the distance, small insect up close or a ninja who has jumped out of the bushes after relieving himself.
Originally Posted by wsbob View Post
q`Tzal...those visualizations you put together before were slick. Maybe you've got some in mind to show how the dark sections of the MUP might be lit up?
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