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"...The Sunset MUP needs to be brought up to the standard for mid block crosswalks..." q`Tzal

I suppose parts of it should have better illumination or illumination that's consistent with the rest of the illumination along its length, but considering this MUP doesn't have motor vehicles on it or crossing it all, it seems to me, questionable whether it needs lighting that meets MUTCD standards for streets that motor vehicles travel.

I say this noting that I don't ride the trail regularly, and usually not in the dark. Riding the darker portions of the trail tonight, I felt safe and comfortable with the level of illumination provided by a relatively low power headlight. I could see the pavement ahead of me just fine traveling 10-15mph. Other people that use the trail may feel differently. More of them offering their opinion on the subject of possibly improving illumination on darker portions of the trail could be helpful.

It's good that people are riding the trail, and maybe better lighting would encourage more people to ride it. Tonight though, which was a decent night to ride by almost any standard, there wasn't many people riding the trail a little after 5.

Personally, though the illumination on other parts of the trail is better, I'm not enthusiastic about it. It's brown and makes things look ugly. Since this isn't a route requiring illumination that offers protection from motor vehicles to people walking and biking, perhaps lighting color and beam pattern could depart from that used for standard street lights, allowing it to be more aesthetically pleasing yet still functionally effective, for the people walking and riding on the MUP.

q`Tzal...those visualizations you put together before were slick. Maybe you've got some in mind to show how the dark sections of the MUP might be lit up?
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