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Default OR Plate 937 FAM, Jeep SUV, Cuts me off in the Bike Lane

I thought this was going to be a right hook, but it turned out to be "I'm stopping my car in the bike lane to let out my passenger, and I forgot that I just passed you." Here's some stills from the video:

Here's a link to the video, and the description from youtube:

The driver of Oregon plate 937 FAM, a Jeep SUV, decides to stop in the bike lane to drop off his passenger. 12/21/2011, about 2:35PM, near the corner of Scholls Ferry Road and Hall Blvd., Beaverton, Oregon, USA. I had a few words with the driver: "No signal. No nothing. Just pull over. Go ahead. You own the road. You act like it anyway, 937 FAM."

Yes, those of you who have seen my comments I have made on other people's youtube helmet cam videos, in comments on, etc., will note that I violated one of my recommendations in this video: try not to engage the driver.

But this was particularly egregious.

In and of itself, stopping in the bike lane to drop off a passenger is a legal maneuver in Oregon. However, in this case he failed to signal that he was moving to the right, and he cut me off. And where he stopped blocked the driveway to the right. That driveway led to a perfectly useful parking lot that he could have turned in to, which is what I thought he was going to do. Had he completed that turn, it might have resulted in only a near right hook. Which would have been hazardous, but not nearly as much as what he did do. But, instead, he chose to block the bike lane. Which he knew was a bike lane because he passed me travelling in that bike lane. And he probably passed and definitely must have seen the other bicyclist travelling in that bike lane.

And yes, I should not have engaged him because there may have been other traffic coming up behind. I did do a head check to make sure that there was no additional traffic coming from behind. You can see the helmet cam swing around as I did that, at around 0:40 into the clip.

I also learned 2 new (well, new to me) internet acronyms today, one of which I am attaching as a tag: SMIDSY and SMIDGAF. SMIDSY, according to wiktionary, is "Sorry mate, I did not see you." SMIDGAF according to google and other youtube videos is "Sorry mate, I do not give a ____". As I understand it, a merely stupid driver does a SMIDSY. A purposefully reckless driver does a SMIDGAF. Yes, I know that wiktionary says that SMIDSY is a UK and Australian usage. And I guess SMIDGAF is UK and Australian, too. But why should the UK and Australia have a monpoloy on such useful terms?

As egregious as this was, I'm still tagging this SMIDSY rather than a SMIDGAF.

By the way, at 0:19, I did say to the pedestrian walking on the bike lane, "on your left".
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