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Just an update on the Old Navy Hi-Vis yellow jacket: I've now road tested it, so I can say with certainty that is works good...allows nicely for ventilation through the full length zipper down as needed, allowing air to flow in and up around back of the neck and the inside of the jacket doesn't sweat up so much like some water resistant jackets do. This was on a 40-45 degree day, up the hill from Beaveton to Fairmount Blvd, around three times and back down.

Had some doubts as to the brightness of the Old Navy Hi-Vis, but after comparing it side by side with other actual Hi-Vis yellow-green fabrics, it turns out that it's just a little less bright than some of them, but still very bright.

Just was to Old Navy Cedar Hills Crossing-Beaverton again tonight. Three of the jackets remain: A small, a medium, and an XXL. On clearance, now $16.50
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