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We've temporarily diverted from this thread's primary topic 'Deals for the Low Budget Cyclist', lending support to getting Alan in his efforts to refurbish his vintage Schwinn Super Sport and get it back on the road.

Now it's time to again have the eagle eyes out for good deals. In the last couple weeks, new threads were started, one for sleeping bags, another for the REI sale. Nothing wrong with doing that I suppose, but I'm thinking for the sake of simplicity, it may be a good idea to generally keep the announcement of good deals connected to a single thread.

Something up today, is the availability of a water resistant chartreusy colored jacket over at Old Navy...$18, marked down from $40 or thereabouts. The color is quite bright and related to, but doesn't have the intensity of Hi-Vis green or Day-Glo orange, which some people averse to those shades might actually prefer.

The jacket fabric is polyester. It has a mesh lining in the body, sheet lining in the sleeves. Has a zippered hood (which I'm not keen on...might cut it out.) Front hand pockets. Tried to find a pic of the jacket over at Old Navy's site, but one doesn't seem to be there. It's a comfortable fitting jacket, but not generously sized. I got an XL for my 6' 165lb bod. Large would have worked, but I like tops big so they don't drag on my shoulders when I curve them and for better ventilation. Old Navy in the Beav had some XXL sizes.
Here's a pic of a jacket I was still considering getting...over at Performance Bike. It's Hi-Vis green, lighter construction, no hood, no front pockets, polyester, water resistant, more than twice the money. This jacket is more contour fitted like the cycling jacket it is, whereas the Old Navy jacket is more of a track jacket cut. If I remember correctly though from trying it on, the Performance jacket was fitted very close, and for my fit preference, I needed the XXL.

I like Hi-Vis green, but just wasn't sure I wanted to be wearing that intensity of color every time I was on the bike when it was kind of nippy out (The Old Navy Jacket will be more yellow than this yellow-green Hi-Vis). I may still get it though, as an alternate jacket. Maybe the sale will get better.
Not the Old Navy Jacket, but instead, the Performance Bike Jacket
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