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They were working on the I5 frontage, so they closed the east bound lane at 22nd. Not sure how long the work was slated for. It is a nice route with the exception of a few major street crossings.

Do you really want to take Denney? I don't remember Denney having a bike lane. Could be wrong here. I've always avoided it. I take the lane on Allen a lot since its 4 lanes to get to and from the trail to Garden Home (Olsen/Multnomah).

All in all, the route is a pretty steady climb all the way... Which means a pretty steady coasting all the way home too.

I've learned there are a lot of nice exploritory routes including the route through Lake-O to get to Tigard. The trail down Tryon (N->S) is beautiful if not a bit over-leafed and a few wrinkles in the asphalt. Then again, I'll take a well established bike lane over a 2-lane with a fog line any day. Neighborhoods are another story. I belong in the middle of 25mph roads.
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