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Default Commuting to Lewis and Clark from SW

Hi everyone,
I live just a bit West of Greenway Park in Beaverton and next week I need to commute four days to Lewis and Clark- somewhere I've never ridden to before. Via Google Maps the best route I can figure is to take Hall to Oleson to Multnomah Blvd. From there I could follow Terwilliger around to campus, but I thought it might be faster to cut across the bridge on 19th ave. and then make my way down Spring Garden and Taylors Ferry and reconnect with Terwilliger. No bike lanes but maybe flatter and quicker? It appears to be fairly residential through that area so I'm hoping I don't run into a lot of traffic. It's shaping up to be double my normal commute as is.

If anybody has ridden a similar route before, I'd appreciate any feedback. I will be working on the graduate campus, so also any advice about where to lock my bike, clean up, etc. would be helpful.

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