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Default Another gorgeous Pacific NorthWet day

Today the heading was South. Started off a bit chilly but soon the clouds parted and I found myself running out of road at the end of 170th, them 155th, and as always, ending up on Scholls Ferry. Bound and determined to get past this seemingly impassible barrier, I pushed on with a few loops and finally found myself heading for 99 via Walnut. Once there, seeing as the sun came out fully, I headed to Sherwood. Stopped off at the nature park, which was closed today, and on to Tualatin/Sherwood rd. What do you know, a ways down the road I found familiar territory in the Taulatin Park, connected to Cook Park which of course provided a familiar route home.

No serious hills; minimal winds; perfect temps; and no threat of rain. A 45 mile ride is a great way to pass a beautiful Monday. I love living in this region!

The PDX metro is getting much smaller as I am becoming more familiar with the connectedness of these different regions.
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