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ahhaha, thanks wsbob! I am trying to keep this baby as original as possible. I was told that the original tires were replaced. I have some Mr. Tuffys hidden underneath them.

I have been approached by a couple gentlemen that have a nostalgia connection with the bike and have really praised my efforts.

I was asked at the bike shop a couple days ago "How did you do it?" (as in, clean the bike). My response: "steel wool and a LOT of elbow grease".

This was my first restoration/overhaul. I encountered a few bumps in the road (as you know wsbob) but with a little help from a couple LBS, problems were solved. The handlebar stem was completely corroded and I needed professional help to get that removed. You will notice that I am not using an original stem (perhaps sometime down the road). Everything was taken apart except for the spokes/rims which where oiled and trued.

Most rewarding job: My first time wrapping handlebar tape. I am extremely proud of the job I did.

Most unrewarding job: Removing the corroded stem.

As far as costs, well... I never thought it was ever very polite to inquire. It's fun to know though, so:

SS from craigslist: $225 (seller had owned bike for 18 years, a real stand up guy)
Cable housing and inner wires: $6
Bar Tape: $20
Stem removal: $15
Replacement stem: $12
Professional rear wheel dish: $15
Bearings replacement: $8
Total: $301

That figure isn't including the grease, oil, steel wool, degreaser & cleaning products that I had already owned. The real kicker was the labor involved. I will leave that to your imagination.

By all means, not a "steal" of a deal. When you fall in love with something like I have, labor is free and is never questioned.

I road this bike when I first purchased it for a few dozen yards. I didn't feel comfortable riding it any further due to my injury. Yesterday was my first time on a road bike since my accident and the first time I rode the SS since purchase and after overhaul. I made sure I had on my new bright white sneakers to compliment the bike and to show it off as I rode down the Vancouver Waterfront MUP. lol....

Thanks for reading!!

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