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Originally Posted by schavah View Post
Or am I just unfairly judgemental. Portland decied and judge for yourself. I work Tuesday through Saturday at a business exactly at N.E.17th & Columbia Boulevard. I see at the very least 10 homeless men every month Riding BRAND NEW looking or Near New bikes. Some with racks, some without. Now...I know hundreds of people in Portland are out of work and have lost everything they own. But how many are men living along the Columbia slew, or at (NO) Dignity Village on Columbia Blvd. next to the Prison. Most of the men riding these bikes look like they were blown out of a volcano. I look at the Stolen Bikes on this site, then I look at what these men are riding. If any one of these men can produce a sales reciept for the bike they are on...and show me the shelter they live in.....I will give them $100 worth of food. You People who are losing your bikes.....need to figure out a way to take a ride with Law Enforcement ...or Code Enforcement through (NO) Dignity Village. There has got to be at LEAST 1 STOLEN bike there. When I see a homeless guy on a New Looking bike, with the trailer on the back for a little kid....and the trailer is full of scrap metal.....hmmmm... must have traded the wife and kid for freedom. So am I Unfairly Judgemental....or am I seeing a heck of a lot of Stolen bikes every month. You decied and let me know.

As a means of giving everybody a better idea of what you're seeing, any possibility you could have a cheap pocket digital camera with a telephoto lens, with you to snap a few pics of the people you suspect of having stolen bikes, when you see them?

I don't know anything about JOIN that edki refers to, or the kind of bikes they're making available to people. A bike that looks new doesn't necessarily mean that that it's new, good quality or stolen. Some bikes typical of the quality bikes found at department stores or online for cheap, look shiny and new. They're what people that don't have much money tend to get.

If it was me over in your location, I might consider just taking an impromptu coffee/smoke break, walk over to the guys when you see them, say hello, take a casual look at the bikes, maybe ask some questions. That's a fairly low key thing to do, and after all, it's your working neighborhood, so you've got some right to keep tabs on what's going on there.

There seems to be plenty of bikes stolen, so it figures there are going to be some people riding stolen bikes. It's possible the guys you're seeing are stealing the bikes you're seeing them with, but that's about all you could conclude unless you or someone else were to do something to be more certain of how they happen to have the bikes.
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