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Originally Posted by dmc View Post
She has a 2.5 mile commute to the earliest bus pickup and worst of all, she has a very nice hill (Mill Plain Hill just east of Grand BLVD. for you clark county cats).
Instead of Mill Plain, I use 13th from East Reserve up to McLaughlin/Brandt, then a block on Mill Plain, then onto McArthur. It has a bit more room, slower and less traffic and the grade isn't quite as steep as Mill Plain. (Vancouver bike map)

My Portland and Vancouver friends, I need some advice. How can I make this as least painful for her as possible. Perhaps: wake up extra early and take a longer hot shower, absolute rain gear, some sort of good early morning relaxation breakfast, walking the bike up the hill the whole way, music, comfortable warm and dry gear. I dunno.
You do know how to treat her right! Also be sure she has whatever she needs at the work-end of the commute. Spare clothes "just in case," hangers to dry things, a covered box (Rubbermaid-type?), maybe a pair of those heated shoe dryers.

She is tiny and her hands freeze, perhaps thick snow gloves?
Mitts keep my fingers warmer than gloves, but they are awkward for finger dexterity. "Lobster mitts" are a compromise, or there are half-fingered gloves which have a mitt hood that pulls over the fingertips. Hot-packs are nice and pretty cheap when you buy a bunch at once, like at Costco or online.

Also, biofeedback helps many people with cold fingers/toes. Ask a doc, and see Feedback thermometer in wikipedia.

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