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Default Early Morning Commute to Bus Route

We (gf and I) are up in Clark County where gasoline is king and it's unfashionable to take public transit.

To arrive at the earliest bus to get her on the eastside, so she can get to Parkrose Transit Center we are looking at a nasty early morning commute. I say "nasty" because we will be heading out at about 5am with a very good hill to climb to get to the bus route.

She is gaining personal strength internally from bike riding. I love seeing how much confidence she is gaining and the hills she used to walk up, she really tries to crank on that crank! I don't want this to put a bad taste in her mouth and ruin it.

She has a 2.5 mile commute to the earliest bus pickup and worst of all, she has a very nice hill (Mill Plain Hill just east of Grand BLVD. for you clark county cats). It is cold and wet at 5am.

She believes in the bicycle for recreational use but not for commuting, yet.

My Portland and Vancouver friends, I need some advice. How can I make this as least painful for her as possible. Perhaps: wake up extra early and take a longer hot shower, absolute rain gear, some sort of good early morning relaxation breakfast, walking the bike up the hill the whole way, music, comfortable warm and dry gear. I dunno.

She doesn't like to bike in the rain generally but recognizes it as a possible transportation tool. Then again, we have never covered her in true rain gear. She is tiny and her hands freeze, perhaps thick snow gloves?

I am sure some of you know a person like her. We are on a low budget and need to tackle this simple problem. She doesn't know I am seeking advice yet.

I guess what I am trying to say is: I need to get her from point A to point B, dry, without exhaustion, without sweat, without misery and with some slice of accomplishment. Help me, please.
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