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K'tesh...comment#18 and pic with that post.... Great work locating that street view of the underpass, a photo of which was used in the presentation!

Looks like the designers did some very nice bas-relief work for the facade of that underpass, depicting natural forms...trees, terrain, people on bikes and so forth. Despite this, the actual underpass passage seems far too vault like, though the slightly arched ceiling and the pleasing way it changes the shape of the underpass entrance is certainly better than a non-arched ceiling would have been.

I would hope the designers for a possible Fanno Creek/Hall Blvd underpass could draw up some ideas for an underpass design that's at least three times the width of the Vancouver trail underpass shown; something airy, that possibly allows light and natural plant forms from the other side of the passage to be seen, as the Central Park bridge designs allow for Central Park. The chances of getting people on board to support the funding for this crossing infrastructure, and to come visit the park seem likely to be much better if what's created is something truly beautiful.
P.S. ...Dovestrobe...not to seem unfriendly, but can we try to be a bit optimistic and determined here? I'm realistic. I understand how, over recent years...and decades, so much infrastructure design has been produced, lacking inspiring aesthetic, reducing it to the level of mere functionality, and as the picture you posted shows...sometimes not even that very well. This is something that should change. Fanno Creek Park is a potentially magnificent verdant urban park. In it's own way, with the care, attention and devotion it's worthy of, the park could rise to the caliber of being one of the grand urban parks of the U.S.

Traffic handling capacity expansion made to Hall Blvd in recent years has already taken away from the experience the park can offer Beaverton and visitors to the park. It's time to get something back for the park and people that will want and need to come visit it in the years to come.

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